Resources to help your Landcare endeavours

Plant profiles for plant give-away.  Advice about where to plant and what they are  useful for.

These proflies can be accessed here . You can read them  or download them.

Some good resources to help with planting and working out where to plant species

Gardening with Angus

Plant Selector SA Botanic gardens

"Revegetation guide for  North eastern victoria " Stelling , F.

Revegetation films from NECMA

Completed in 2022, this series of 7 videos will help you plan a successful revegetation project or just  find out more about a particular aspect.

Video 1 is the Introduction to see what the Revegetation Video series is all about.

Video 2 – Planning – you will learn more about how to plan your revegetation project and get the best outcomes.

Video 3 – Fencing – discusses the importance of creating exclusion zones and wildlife-friendly fencing, and it will give you some insights on fencing options that best suit your project.

Video 4 – Site Preparation – builds a case for preparing your site. Adequate weed control and soil preparation will increase the success of your revegetation efforts and reduce the maintenance requirements in future.

Video 5 – Planting – you will learn more about planting techniques and tips to improve seedlings’ survival. But having the plants in the ground is not the end.

Video 6 – Tree Guards – discusses guarding options and what to consider when choosing the best one available for your revegetation project. Tree guards protect your plants against winds, cold temperatures, and grazing.

Video 7 – Farm Dams – talks about enhanced farm dams and how they can add value to your site and revegetation project.

A great resource for planning revegetation works is the Reedy Creek Local Native Plant Lists. To download full brochure click here

This is a screen shot of the introduction of the reveg brochure specifically for Reedy Creek

The brochhure gives plants for each part of the valley profile

Cultural burning videos filmed locally

We have  our videos of the Cultural burning project with Wooragee Landcare and Duduroa Dargal   -see our Wooragee Landcare YouTube channel to see our films over 3 years of the project.

Bitja Wokka (fire country), a  film made in Wangaratta area of cultural burning by the Bpangerang people, can be seen here.  It was filmed on the lands of Bpangerang, Yorta Yorta, Gunaikurnai and Taungurung peoples.

Wooragee rainfall for the past 23 years

Pauline and Graham Carson are official recorders of rainfall in Wooragee. If you would like to access the data for the past 23 years click here 

Report about Cultural Burning - comments, issues and future.

A  workshop hosted by Wooragee Landcare in August 2023,  brought together members from three groups involved in cultural burning in the north east -  traditional owners Duduroa Dhargal Aboriginal Corporation, CFA and Landcarers to  The report is availabe to view here.

Planning revegetation and gardening  with fire in mind.

The CFA has excellent advice about preparing your property for fire . They have a section called Landscaping with a great  downloadable book . It has example gardens for rural and urban properties.

Wooragee Landcare annual plant give-away

Members get free native indigenous plants  each year

Local nurseries for buying plants for revegetation work

Park Lane nursery in Wangaratta 

Our Native Garden Nursery in Wodonga

Jayfields nursery in Holbrook

Sandy Creek Trees native nursery

Pollinator insect guide of this region

You can download a copy of this brochure here  or you can email to get a hard copy  (many pics taken by one of our members Karen Retra ).

What plants to plant to attract native pollinators - Bee Friendly A planting guide for  European honeybees and  Australian native pollinators by Mark Leech downloadeable PDF

Other websites for advice about attracting native pollinators. There are more than 1600 native bees alone, and thats not counting pollinator wasps, flies and other insects that pollinate.

Especially with Varroa Mite spreading, caring for our native pollinators is even more important and we can make a huge difference as gardeners and land manaers


Bee Aware

Aussie Bees 

The Art of Nest Boxes

Local video about nest boxes

Books (a work in progress)


Habitat Planning


Nature Journaling

You can access the Landcare Victoria paper on recommendations for Landcare via the link below

Building a Strong Future for Victorian Landcare: Election policy recommendations